About Us

If we can teach computers with Artificial Intelligence how to think better than Lawyers and Professors .....

We are a group of hard working computer programmers who in 1989 had an idea that we could create Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs to do legal research, legal analysis, and write case briefs.

We made three major breakthroughs since we have started.

(1) We now have a program that can case brief and write case briefs better than law professors can. We call it Superbriefs™. This program exceeded the ability of law professors during the first weeks of 2006. Since then we have upgraded about 85% of all the case briefs in Rom Law™ to be Superbriefs™. Our Computer Programs analyze over 300,000 cases to determine how the case is used in subsequent cases in order to determine the case holding as well as the legal analysis.

(2) We have a complex Super Computer Program that can define all legal words used in all cases. That program began producing superior output from June 2005. We used that output to make a law dictionary called Dean's Law Dictionary. We add 50-100 new definitions per day as well as upgrades to current definitions. Dean's law dictionary expands at the rate of 15-20% per year and it is already 57 times larger than Black's Law Dictionary.

(3) We have a program that can write law school exam answers for any given subject. That program began producing superior output in 2003. We currently have all that output in the Exam Writing Section of Rom Law™ and in our printed Exam Writing I, II, III, and IV books.

We are close to a new major breakthrough.

We are working on an advanced legal analysis engine to perform full legal analysis of any fact pattern. We made our initial break through on this engine in November 2006. However, it only runs on a Super Computer and the cost of running it is prohibitive. We hope to increase the abilities, get the cost down to under $500 or less for each computer analysis and improve its output by an order of magnitude in the next 4 years. This will allow an attorney to feed all kinds of information into the program and ask for a legal opinion and the program will give the attorney a massive report on the legal problem including case cites and give probabilities of success based on each recommended legal approach from the issues presented.

In February of 2008 we performed 3 Legal Analysis runs on the program for law firms. Because of the results in two of them the opposing parties settled out of court. In one case the computer discovered the two key parties to depose from analyzing over 160,000 pages of evidence. The opposing party was shocked that we knew the heart of the case in less than 2 weeks. In the other, the firm showed the report to the opposing company wherein the report detailed two precise methods of defense and why neither would work. It turned out they were counting on the first one.

In 2009, we did 12 more cases and won everyone of them, all products liability cases. We were also able to reduce prices by 1/2. Our won loss record since then and until 2012 is still perfect with 44 wins and no losses.

Our only issue is the cost to run the program. We also have a waiting list of firms who want to "partner" with us. If we can get the price to under $500 per analysis, we will forever change the legal profession making single practioners as powerful and more effective than large law firms.