You can get free access to Dean’s Law Dictionary for 2 years with a school email address.

Learn Complex Idiomatic Law

In most instances, idiomatic law is the most difficult to learn because it is presented to you in a piecemeal fashion in small bits one case at a time. Open Dean’s and you will get true knowledge at your fingertips. Concepts such as felony murder, proximate cause, nuisance, product liability, conspiracy, attempt, negligence, criminal and civil intents, and 1000’s more are shown to you in all their variations where you can see it all in one place. Amazingly, when you see everything and can study everything all at once you gain true understanding in a lot less time. No wonder the average student who has Dean’s uses it 14.8 times every day.

Improve Your Exam Writing Skills

Dean’s is the best tool you have to critique and improve your exam writing skills. Write a practice exam and then open Dean’s and read about that content that was presented on the exam. You will immediately see what you missed and how to improve your answers. You will quickly see how poor your knowledge is and because you “self-graded” the exam you will never forget all the new information and knowledge you gained. It is one of the major reasons our first-time pass-through rate at the hardest bar exam in the country was 88%. (the next closest is 23%.)

You can get free access for 2 years with a school email address or purchase.