Our Exam Writing Products Work

Hindsight is 20/20. You can listen to us now or we can talk to you in February after you get sub- standard grades. You may even wait longer and talk to us when you are a 2L. Some even talk to us after they fail the bar. It’s easy for 1L law students to get A’s in law school if they know what to do and who to listen to. The hard part is that the lies and incompetent information about exam writing being feed to you is overwhelming. But the biggest advantage we have is for you to just trust us for 2 weeks and do what we tell you to do and you will see dramatic results.

Exam Writing is a Skill

Law school exam writing is a skill. You cannot learn a skill 2-3 weeks before an exam. Anyone who tells you differently is simply lying to you. You can get good in 6 months and become an expert in about a year. As a 1L you must start memorizing, applying, and dissertating the law (M.A.D. TM ) immediately when law school starts. We are the only people who understand how to teach you the skill of exam writing. In our printed and digital products, we give you the fundamental information that will help you see what you have to do and see how it is done.


Our exam writing products are integrated. We have outlines, flashcards, case briefs, and the most advanced law dictionary so you can easily memorize and learn both majority and minority law as well as all the difficult-to-learn and understand idiomatic law. Once you begin to master the information content you can begin applying some of our advanced skill sets such as R&R™ Issue Spotting and Majority-Minority Exam Writing. We can show you have to spot all the issues on an exam and always write about both sides of the issue. No one else even comes close nor do they even understand what to do in a such high-stress environment. We are the only people who know how to teach you the skills you need.

MP3 Exam Writing 2020

The presentation on this site gives you all of the information you need to memorize and goes over in detail many of the fundamental basics you need to learn to master the skill of exam writing. Execute them and you will do extremely well in law school. We also offer a micromanaged version in our MP3 Exam Writing lecture you can purchase at bsmsphd.com. We know from prior experience that the lies and misinformation given to you in law school are obscene. To combat all this negativity and incompetence we created a lecture so you can learn and also manage the process by which you acquire the skill set. Each time you listen you will gain from 10-15% of what you need. As you try to implement what you learned more questions will surface and the next time you listen to the lecture 2 weeks later they will be answered. By 8- 10 times you should have it all down. Each time you listen to the lecture and then implement what you learned for two weeks. We can wave our magic wand and give you all the information you need but you cannot get good at a skill unless you practice. Law school exam writing is a skill you must learn.

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