720 Series™ Flash Cards

Memorize the Law

720 Series™ Flash Cards give you all the definitions and information you need to memorize to get A’s on your law school exams. If you can’t answer the questions you are not going to do well on your exams.

Issue Spotting Drills

If you can’t spot the issues, you can’t score points on an exam. We have issue spotting drills in each set that show you the most common groups of issues that always appear on exams from similar sets of facts.

Non-leading Questions

720 Series™ Flash Cards are more difficult to answer because the questions are not leading. With non-leading questions, you can’t guess the right answer unless you know the law. If we ask you what the definition for consideration is; you either know the answer or you don’t. It’s just something you can’t guess.

Flash Card Enhanced Learning

We use all the enhanced learning tools and common algorithms employed with flashcards by everyone so you can memorize the law faster and ensure that you know it.

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